Writing Good Resume

It is obvious that you need to write a good cover letter to us (join@temindo.com) so your application will go to next step.

You can use this template as your guideline.

Subject: Application [your name] for [job] at [company]


To: [receiver, who sent you the response and remember him/her] 
Purpose: Application for [job]

[First Paragraph: put a brief history about your self, such as,
name, education background, working experience, etc. ]
[Second Paragraph: tell us about the honest reason you want to join Temindo]
[Third Paragraph: put your expectation from us, what can we do for you?]

[Footer: put name, phone, email]

Creating a good cover letter, means the higher possibility your application may be readable to us.

Some Tips:

  1. Those cover letter must be in the body of your e-mail, not as attachment.
  2. You have to put everything about yourself in writing, not use some template.
  3. Take attention on footer because that is how you will be contacted.
  4. Attach your colorful photo (instagrammable)
  5. Attach your resume only in one page, in a plain format for better readable (skip fancy design)

Read those tips above very carefully. We wish the best luck of you in future.